Genuine 20AKK0011 Konica Minolta Staple Cartridge Holder
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Konica Minolta 20AKK0011 Staple Cartridge Holder Genuine

The Genuine 20Akk0011 Konica Minolta Staple Cartridge Holder Has Been Constructed To Hold The Staple Cartridge Comfortably In Order To Deliver Staple Bonded Prints. While Replacing A Staple Cartridge The Konica Minolta 20Akk0011 Staple Cartridge Holder Needs To Be Lifted And It Snaps Back To Its Place After The Installation Of The Cartridge. • This Genuine Staple Cartridge Holder Is Similar To The Cartridge Holder That Is Provided In A New Cartridge As They Bear Same Construction. • The Konica Minolta 7155 Staple Cartridge Holder Is The Perfect Replacement Product That Directly Fits Into Your Printer And Functions At An Amazing Pace. • This Genuine Konica Minolta Staple Cartridge Holder Bears An Oem Construction, Making It A Highly Durable And Reliable Product. • The Konica Minolta Staple Cartridge Holder Is Compatible With The Follwoing Printer Modles: Fs-526 Finisher, Fs-611 Finisher, Sd-508 Saddle Stitch Finisher, Fs-606 Finisher, Kl-5100, Fs-607 Finisher, Fs-604 Finisher, Fs-608 Finisher, Fs-610 Finisher, Fs-612 Finisher, Ld-5100, And The Ld-6500.

  • Part #: 20AKK0011
  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • Condition: New

Price :$149.95

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