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Toshiba is a leading document solutions company that supplies much of the world’s copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines.

Driven by innovation and the need to provide solutions for society, Toshiba made its start in 1999 in sunny California. The leaders of Toshiba help create document solutions that are affordable, efficient, and high quality.

By reducing the cost of printing through Toshiba’s efficient printers, Toshiba has been helping business owners reduce business costs and increase productivity for the past 10 years.

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Not only is Toshiba a leader in the printing industry, but they partner with other leaders such as HP and Lexmark to bring the best printing options possible.

Toshiba printers can help improve your workflow with their Encompass Document Solutions – this allows your business to work smarter, and no hard. Nervous about security? Not to worry! Toshiba printers are integrated with cyber security software to keep your documents safe.

Toshiba follows a ‘3D’ system:

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Deployment

This means that the Toshiba team is founded on technology masters focusing first on what the consumer needs by asking questions; such as:

  1. What is the average business cost of document solutions?
  2. How can we consolidate devices for opportunities?
  3. What are the consumer’s main document goals?

After our team of technologists have analyzed what the consumer is looking for, we begin the design phase of our Toshiba printers. We implement innovation that will make Toshiba printers stand out among the competition. Toshiba utilizes all of the data that was collected to create reports that will illustrate the consumer’s needs and how Toshiba printers can satisfy them.

Once Toshiba has created a strategy, they begin to put the plan into action with five steps:

  1. Executing the Plan
  2. Meeting Commitments
  3. Making Mid-Course Corrections
  4. Measuring Consumer Satisfaction
  5. Reviewing the Toshiba Printer

Cutting printing costs is one of the main reasons why business owners switch to Toshiba Printers after using other printing companies. For savings on Toshiba printer supplies, such as toners and ink cartridges, use Copier Supply Store. For savings on printing in general, use a Toshiba Printer.