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Copier Supply Store just added a new line of Lexmark remanufactured toner cartridges to our inventory! These thoroughly tested products provide an environmentally responsible solution for businesses, service providers, resellers, and commercial printers at affordable rates without the need to sacrifice quality. All of our remanufactured toner cartridges, including these new Lexmark options, offer a sustainable, cost-effective solution while yielding superior output results.

Here are a few highlights of our new Lexmark remanufactured toner cartridges:

  • Made with premium Japanese toner
  • Excellent performance for label applications
  • Work with all Managed Print software
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Model listings for Lexmark Fuser Assemblies

A - Z

First, determine your monthly printing volume. Does your office print only 3,000 pages per month, up to 6,000 pages, or over 6,000 pages? Does your company need a standard printing page size or smaller? Would your office be needing a color printer or just mono? And lastly, what would you like your printer to do – just print or be multifunctional? No matter what your printing needs are, Lexmark can match it!

For example, if you are looking for a color, multifunctional printer that is capable of printing up to 3,000 pages per month, for standard paper size – the CX310/410 series may be the best printer for getting your office needs met, allowing you to get back to business!

For a larger company that needs over 6,000 pages printed per month, try the X790 series for quality results, fast.

If you already own a Lexmark printer and need some help with troubleshooting, Copier Supply Store can help. If your printer is not responding, make sure:

- The printer is turned on
- The power cord is plugged in
- Other electrical equipment that is plugged into the outlet also works, if not, it could be the outlet that is the problem
- The printer cable is securely attached to the computer and the printer

If you have already checked all of the above and your printer is still not working, try turning it off and then on, via the on/off switch, not by unplugging the printer or shutting off the power strip.

Then, if your printer turns on and displays a message on the operator panel, check the printer messages to see if there is an underlying issue and how to clear it. If the operator panel is displaying a “93x Service Error”, try restarting your printer via the on/off switch located on your printer, open the printer cover, raise the carrier handle up and then back down to reposition the printheads, close the cover, turn the printer back off and then on, if the “93x Service Error” is still displayed on the operator panel, call Lexmark for service. For all of your other Lexmark printing needs; like: printer rollers, fuser roller bearings, imaging units, toner cartridges and more, Copier Supply Store has got you covered!