MXPOWERSP15A MXPOWER Copier Surge Protector

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MXPOWER Copier Surge Protector MXPOWERSP15A

The Mxpower Mxpowersp15a Surge Protector Is A Printer Essential That Is Designed To Protect Electrical Devices From Voltage Spikes. A Surge Protector Attempts To Limit The Voltage Supplied To An Electric Device By Either Blocking Or Shorting To Ground Any Unwanted Voltages Above A Safe Threshold. With Two Power Outlets, The Mxpowersp15a Mxpower Copier Surge Protector Ensures To Deliver A High-Performance In Emi Filtering. The Mxpower Surge Protector Also Includes Two Telephone/Fax And Network In-Out Outlets. • The Mxpower Surge Protector Employs The Use Of S1/S3 Mov Patented Technology To Function In A Streamlined Manner. • The Copier Surge Protector Uses A Six-Foot Long Cord For Supplying Power To The Device. • The Surge Protector Is Suitable For Working With Printers And Copiers Which Ensures To Provide Them A Guarded Performance.

  • Part #: MXPCM12015
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  • Condition: New

Price :$74.26

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