Compatible Epson STYLUS PRO 10000 Black Dye Ink Cartridge

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Epson Black Dye Ink STYLUS PRO 10000 Cartridge Compatible

The Epson T499011 Black Dye Ink Cartridge Is A Printer Cartridge That Works Using Dye-Based Ink, Which Features The Tendency Of Formulating Prints With Excellent Color Richness. This Compatible Epson Black Dye Ink Cartridge Features Water Soluble Ink And Delivers Brighter Hues Of Color While Performing The Printing Task. • The Epson Black Dye Ink Cartridge Stylus Features A Strong And Competent Construction To Work Suitably With Pro 10000, And Stylus Pro 10600 Printer Models. • The Epson Stylus Pro 10000 Black Dye Ink Cartridge Provide Excellent Color Gradation While Formulating The Print. • This Compatible Black Dye Ink Cartridge Holds Around 500-Ml Ink For Working At A Consistent Speed.

  • Part #: T499011C
  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • Condition: New

Price :$74.97

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