MXPSP12015 Mxpower Copier Surge Protector

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Mxpower Copier Surge MXPSP12015 Protector

The Mxpsp12015 Mxpower Copier Surge Protector Works By Using A Combination Of Four Power Outlets And Two Tel/Fax & Network In-Out Outlets. Employing A Five Stage X3 Mov Patented Technology, The Mxpsp12015 Surge Protector Offers Full Network Protection And Emi Filtering For Ensuring A Symmetrical Performance. • The Surge Protector 120V Uses A Power Cord That Measures Around 6-Feet In Length. • The Mxpower Surge Protector 120V Works According To 60° Flexible Articulation To Deliver A Competent Performance. • The Copiers Surge Protector 120V Offers Real-Time Load & Voltage Display To Work In A Streamlined Manner. • The Mxpower Mxpsp12015 Surge Protector Works With Copiers And Printers By Using Its Easy Diagnostic Indicators.

  • Part #: MXPSP12015
  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • Condition: New

Price :$127.96

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