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Since its origination, the 3D printing revolution has exploded and opened the doors for industries and different verticals worldwide. 3D printing companies like 3D Stuffmaker, have made 3D technology available for any budget.

3D Stuffmaker is an entity of 3D Stuffmaker USA, an international company committed to creating 3D printers that are high-quality and low-cost. This mission has become the foundation of 3D Stuffmaker’s core.

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3D Stuffmaker manufactures an exclusive range of 3D printers that can cater to the demands of engineers, the needs of educators, and the innovation of a hobbyist. 3D printers by 3D Stuffmaker are manufactured in Australia and ship to over 100 countries, and counting!

With 3D printers starting at $395+, 3D Stuffmaker provides high resolution 3D printing at an affordable price. Not only is 3D Stuffmaker a leading brand in the 3D printing industry, but we offer superior customer support that includes TeamViewer support and Skype support training. Know that when you buy a 3D Stuffmaker printer, you are buying the best 3D printer online when comparing price and performance.

All 3D Stuffmakers are competitively priced, so making the right choice is easy. Our 3D printers can print 50-500 microns and achieve 0.05-0.7 mm in layer height. 3D Stuffmaker is also green! Our 3D printers use eco-friendly, non-hazardous print filament (PLA).

Should a problem ever arise with your 3D printer, 3D Stuffmaker offers spare parts online for purchase. Our 3D printers have exchangeable print plates, extruders, and nozzles to make customization easy.

Once you have purchased your 3D Stuffmaker printer, you must install our printing software that will make 3D printing easy. If you become overwhelmed with the installation of the 3D Stuffmaker Easy Print software, please feel free to contact 3D Stuffmaker customer support here for Skype support.

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