Savin 2400WD Wide Format Genuine Toner Cartridge 888202

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  • Description:
    The Genuine 888202 Savin 2400WD Wide Format Toner Cartridge produce the highest quality printouts for your Savin printer. The savin 2400WD wide format toner cartridge has very good quality as output with clean, consistent, crisp black text • The savin wide format toner cartridge works as the perfect replacement cartridge as it bears a similar styling to a brand-new product. • The 888202 wide format toner cartridge can fit into 2400WD, 2404WDP, 2404WD, 2406WD, 3406WD, 2406WDP, and 4700WD printer models. • This genuine savin wide format toner cartridge is suitable for applications like photo/drawing, text/photo, or any other special mode. • This genuine wide format toner cartridgemaintains the highest consistency of quality of stock cartridges and it is perfect for bulk everyday printing needs

  • OEM#:
    888202, 9890, TYPE 4700W
  • Fits:
    2400WD, 2404WD, 2404WDP, 2406WD, 2406WDP, 3406WD, 4700WD

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