Genuine 2FZ93161 Copystar CSC2520 Fuser Assembly

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Copystar Genuine CSC2520 Fuser Assembly - 2FZ93161

The Copystar 2Fz93161 Fuser Assembly Provides The Best Toning And Protection Of Print On Your Papers To Give You Your Desired Print That Stays Permanently. This Genuine Fuser Assembly Helps In Delivering Prints When The Paper Passes Through The Rollers Included In The Fuser Assembly And The Temperature Of 200 °C Helps To Transfer The Toner Powder On The Paper. • The Copystar Fuser Assembly Gets Damaged By The Build-Up Of Toner Particles That Leads To Scratches And Lines On The Printed Output, Thereby Demanding Replacement Of The Fuser Assembly. • The Copystar Csc2520 Fuser Assembly Employs Optimum Use Of Heat And Pressure To Deliver Crisp And Clear Results. • The Genuine Copystar Fuser Assembly Offers Compatible Usage With Cs-C2525e, Cs-C2520, Cs-C3225e, Cs-C3225, And Cs-C3232e.

  • Part #: 302FZ9316D
  • Availability: Out of Stock
  • Condition: New

Price :$629.97

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