Compatible 2FB20060 Copystar CS6030 Upper Fuser Roller

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Compatible 2FB20060 Upper Fuser Roller For Copystar CS6030

The Compatible Upper Fuser Roller Is For Use In Copystar Cs6030. Designed According To The Latest Oem Standards, The Copystar Cs6030 Upper Fuser Roller Have A Very Durable Coating Which Means That The Compatible Copystar Upper Fuser Roller Enjoys Extended Life And Minimal Toner Offsetting Issues. The Fuser Roller Helps In Melting The Toner In To The Fiber Of The Paper Using The Latest New Fuser Technology. • The Copystar 2Fb20060 Upper Fuser Roller Has An Efficient And Cost-Effective Design With Minimal Toner Offsetting Issues. • The Copystar Upper Fuser Roller Has A Durable Construction And Metallic Finish. It Uses High Heat And By Pressure To Melt The Toner As The Page Rolls Between The Rollers.

  • Part #: UFR820
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New

Price :$27.97

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