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Copier Parts - from the leading manufacturers

Copier Parts - from the leading manufacturers

There are several copier parts inside a photocopier that all work together to make the machine work. But each one of these copier parts can be difficult to distinguish, but easy to ruin or damage if you don't know what each one is, and what they do.

Photoreceptor drum/belt
- This copier part is a cylindrical roller covered in a photoconductive material, usually selenium, germanium, or silicone.

- The drum is what collects the ions to eventually tell the toner where to go on the paper.

Corona wires
- A corona wire is a metal wire stretched perpendicular to the drum, and charges the drum with the positive ions it needs.

- These copier parts also charge the paper with positive ions

- The lamp produces light in a certain visible spectrum to provide energy to push electrons out of the photoconductive atoms.

- This is usually achieved with fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

- These copier parts are sometimes called dry ink because it's not ink at all, but a fine, negatively charged powder.

- Toner is what you see on the copied page.

- Toner is the most frequently replaced part and the easiest to replace.

The Fuser
- The fuser is made up of quartz tube lamps and Teflon-covered rollers that press together to finish the copy.

- The fuser's two jobs are to melt the toner so it fuses to the paper and to keep the melted toner and warm paper from sticking to the fuser.

Anyone who tries to repair or replace any copier parts should

be an experienced technician. A copier that needs new copier parts should also be unplugged before anyone tries to replace anything. Many copiers come with warranties though, that pay for some copier parts, though things like toner will always have to be replaced by the people using the copier.

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