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Toner cartridges

Toner cartridges

I am the number one fan of the toner cartridge. As the office manager, I understand the importance of the toner cartridge. To me, the toner cartridge is the quiet hero of the office. Although most employees overlook the importance of the toner cartridge, I understand the true greatness of the toner cartridge. Above my desk, framed in gold, is a portrait of my hero, the toner cartridge. Underneath this portrait of the toner cartridge is a little poem I wrote in honor of the toner cartridge. It goes like this:
"O mighty toner cartridge, how I do adore thee.
Although not as mighty as a computer,
Not as noble as the Internet,
And not as proud as a printer-
The toner cartridge sings his unheard song of productivity.
At a computer I may type,
But only you toner cartridge can put that type onto paper.
On the Internet I may find the directions to my next business meeting,
But only you toner cartridge can paint those images into useable maps.
With a printer I may create a document,
But it is you toner cartridge that provides the inspiration.
O mighty toner cartridge, without your humble services this office could not be-
And I would be unemployed.

Yes, it is clear that my hero is the toner cartridge. Even though to you it may look like nothing more than a little rectangular plastic box, I know the toner cartridge packs a powerful punch. Did you know that inside that toner cartridge is a collection of powder? Did you know that when the toner cartridge is heated up, this powder is melted and released from the toner cartridge in the form of ink? And did you know that depending on the type of toner cartridge being used, this ink will either be a bold black or a mirage of vibrant colors? I didn't think so. And you think you are so smart, being Mr. Senior Partner and better than everyone else. But now you now that you, even with your fancy suit on, are nothing when compared to the Great Toner Cartridge.

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